Why Not Use a Machine?

I have been playing with free motion machine embroidery.

I have used traditional casket designs for the Cabinet of Curiosities class and made a 21st century panel of stumpwork. 

I have already filled a notebook with the pros and cons of materials and techniques.

I stitched a jacket for Ruthie. Too stiff.

Here I had success using shades of green to mimic 17th century leaves. Some of this is stitched in place, some just placed unstitched. 

We’ll see if it translates to a casket.
What do you think? 

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8 Replies to “Why Not Use a Machine?”

  1. Hmmm… You deliver it well, of course! But, one of the reasons I appreciate your hand embroidery so much is that you are a master at it. I have nothing against people using machines and I will always be interested in seeing where you go with things, but I have seen several talented artists abandon handwork in favor of speed and it just isn't as good or as impressive…

    But, everything is part of the ole' tool box, so have fun and I will enjoy seeing what you come up with!

  2. Hi Janet, I think the lower two panels are unmistakable Janet Brandt in style. If you cover a casket in this style, colours and technique it will reflect your world without doubt. I think the 17th century motifs are coloured in a palette that's darker than your usual choice. These don't say 'Janet Brandt' so much to me. I think needs must and if you're struggling with hand work you should use the machine to keep creating. Simona

  3. Hi Simona, you’re right about the colors! I was trying to channel my inner 17th century self in the darker panels. She wasn’t home that day.
    I will get my story done, the Janet Brandt, folk art, bright color story done, one way or another or maybe I should say one way AND another. Even with the machine I spend a great deal of time hand stitching thins in place and adding all of those beautiful special threads on top of the machine stitching. We’ll see.

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