Friday, April 26, 2019

Back to Hand Stitching

I have started stitching casket 3. Here is the left hand door. I arrived at this place in the design process because of the experiments I did with freehand machine embroidery. 

This is the piece that sealed the direction I am taking with the casket. This image has nothing to do with the theme of the casket. 
When the first figure is ready I will reveal the theme! 

Friday, April 5, 2019

Why Not Use a Machine?

I have been playing with free motion machine embroidery.

I have used traditional casket designs for the Cabinet of Curiosities class and made a 21st century panel of stumpwork. 

I have already filled a notebook with the pros and cons of materials and techniques.

I stitched a jacket for Ruthie. Too stiff.

Here I had success using shades of green to mimic 17th century leaves. Some of this is stitched in place, some just placed unstitched. 

We'll see if it translates to a casket.
What do you think? 

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