My Own Personal Stitcher!!!!

My notebooks fill with drawings faster than I can possibly stitch.
One of my sisters (I have 4 and one brother!) has recently started to embroider.

This, I believe, is only her second piece, maybe third. And it is one of my drawings.

I love drawings right out of my notebook. Drawings that haven’t been ‘fixed’.

But best of all I love how my sister has interpreted it! Her palette is different than mine.
I love that her voice came through this very whimsical design.
Thank you for letting me share this Claudia!
It is a beautifully done piece.
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5 Replies to “My Own Personal Stitcher!!!!”

  1. The embroidery looks beautiful. I love how it is stitched. So much life and movement. Wonderful colours.
    Best wishes, Dianne

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