Pens and Needles

This project began with a drawing.
I transferred the drawing to my embroidery fabric and colored in the design with fabric makers. I stitched the outline/drawing with stem stitch.
After stitching the outline I went back and added more color.
But I’m not done!

I re-sized a photo of the embroidery to fit into one of the casket drawers. I printed out 8 little images on one sheet of photo print glossy paper.
Then I started having fun cutting away segments of the image, layer by layer.

I’m not sure what this technique is called. I think it was very popular in the late 70’s.

I used flat wooden toothpicks as spacers glued between layers.
It isn’t a tunnel book exactly but just another experiment along those lines.
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8 Replies to “Pens and Needles”

  1. The technique had something of a vogue among crafters about five years ago, too, but I bet none of them used photos of their own work to do it with!
    I think this has turned out very well.

  2. Dear Whuppets,
    If there was enough interest in my dollies for patterns I would love to publish them. Alas publishers and the public seem less than thrilled with the idea.
    But THANK YOU for your interest. If anything changes I will let you know.

  3. Thank you so much for your prompt reply.
    It is a pity but never mind.
    Could you advise me please,are the arms and legs of your dollies stitched or glued,they are so neatly done that I cannot tell.
    Best regards,

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