I’m Getting Better With The Silk

Hey diddle diddle
the cat and the fiddle
the cow jumped over the moon
the little dog laughed to see such sport
and the dish ran away with the spoon……
The the dish and spoon opened this sweet little diner. It is stitched in silk, I am getting better at it.

With the main image done, I took the stitching out of the hoop and did a row of chain stitches around the outside edge.

I covered the chain stitches with a blanket stitch border. 

Here it sits on top the trinket box. I am experimenting with different edges for the panels of my casket.

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4 Replies to “I’m Getting Better With The Silk”

  1. Is it a little dining caravan on wheels? How wonderful it would be to see that roll into town! I love the silk – from the photos it seems to add depth to the stitching. And I love to study your pieces to see how and where you use different stitches. I learn a little something and get inspired by everything you make!! Thank you for sharing :)))

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