Window Frame Progress

The frames of the two dormers windows for the front of the casket are complete.

It might be the first time in my life I ever stitched two of one design!

I stitch in hand.

I will reinforce the outside edge with a glue/water mixture before I cut it out from the background. The edges will then be finished in buttonhole stitches. But I am still a long way from that step. I first want to decide how to do the inside of the frame, glass, scene….
Then I also need to know what fabric I want to back the top of the window with since it will be exposed once it is attached to the lower frieze of the casket. 

As you can see I didn’t arrive at this spot randomly. I tried different scales and designs for the facade before I settled on one.
One window will look into an interior scene and one will have a figure looking out, very much like the sample in the middle at the top. Only larger. 

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