A Choir of Angels

I have been working on about half a dozen projects lately. High time I shared some of my progress.
Several weeks ago I posted my first angel.
Here is angel number 2. At first I repeated one of the colors I had used on the first angel. I didn’t like it.  

Here she is without the rose color feathers.
Much better. 

This is the first angel, but I took her off the original backing fabric I had stitched her to. Now I am using the same fabric as all of the embroidery is being done on.
I also plan to attach her to the background in such a way that she stays more 3-dimensional. That, I think, is one of the main charms of this technique.

Here is angel number 3. She is ready for her gown and sandals. 

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  1. you will have quite a collection of angels, must admit I like the pink one, pink and green being my colours. I agree they will look great 3 dimensional

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