Craft Party

Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending Noelle’s craft party (scroll down to Aug. 12 to see a picture of Noelle). It was amazing! So much energy, great projects, friendly folk and lots of homemade goodies to eat.
Noelle had her home set up with different projects, all the materials and instructions, set up in different rooms. The living room was for pine cone gnomes. They were so cute. I hope to make more this weekend.
This cute little wool wreath was one of two wool projects set up in the den. The wool is from felted wool sweaters. Very easy project. If there is one thing I have in my stash, it is wool. I’ll probably make a few more these too.

The basement had the glitter projects. Noelle said she learned from past experience that glitter needs to stay in the basement, it’s too hard to clean out of the dining room rug. I love my little diorama, but it was one of the simple ones. If I get invited back next year I will take my camera. There was so much amazing work being created and I wish I had more photos to share.

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