Let’s Try Again

I will get this. Here is a layered embroidery from a few years back. Anything is possible with a needle and some thread.

What Was It For?

What was this strange shaped vessel for? It is a piece from my collection of miniature copper and brass pieces.  

Feeding The Cat

 The dolly in the photo I worked from and how the figure looks in the final stitching. They don’t look the same. One just inspires the other.

A Bucket of Turnips

 Todays stitching progress is a bucket of turnips. And here is the copper bucket that the image is based on.

I am still stitching

 I am still stitching and still telling the tale of the Golden Rule with needles and thread.  I started this embroidery at the beginning of March, 2023. It is slow going. It is not a […]

Village Life

Hello friends. Welcome to Village Life.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to share any work but I have been busy. There is absolutely nothing better than the creative process, the decisions, […]

Markers Can Solve Anything

 I found a bag of embroideries that I think will make Great Wall hangings in my cardboard castle. But I didn’t like the colors. Markers fixed that. The photos show the new colors first and […]