Feeding The Cat

 The dolly in the photo I worked from and how the figure looks in the final stitching. They don’t look the same. One just inspires the other.

A Bucket of Turnips

 Todays stitching progress is a bucket of turnips. And here is the copper bucket that the image is based on.

I am still stitching

 I am still stitching and still telling the tale of the Golden Rule with needles and thread.  I started this embroidery at the beginning of March, 2023. It is slow going. It is not a […]

Village Life

Hello friends. Welcome to Village Life.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to share any work but I have been busy. There is absolutely nothing better than the creative process, the decisions, […]

Markers Can Solve Anything

 I found a bag of embroideries that I think will make Great Wall hangings in my cardboard castle. But I didn’t like the colors. Markers fixed that. The photos show the new colors first and […]

Amy Wilson, Thread in Hand

 Amy Wilson, my dear friend and a great travel companion has died. Many of you will know her blog Thread in Hand. She had something new to share everyday! She made friends wherever she went […]

Cardboard Castle Update

 Just like the rest of the world my building project is behind schedule. The main dining hall has little bits of this and that sitting on my table but nothing ready to install. So the […]

Kitchen Progress in the Cardboard Castle

I have been working now and then on the kitchen in my Cardboard Castle. Most of the time has been spent stitching a happy plump cook to take care of feeding everyone. I also stitched […]

Kitchen, Spinning Room, Attic Bedroom

This was a productive week. The kitchen, spinning room and one attic bedroom are blocked out and on their way. Furniture will come and go and details will be added as well. I’ve included a […]

Silk Chenille and Cardboard Boxes

 I have rearranged the buildings of The Village. The theater stage has been relocated to another part of my studio, the forest is gone and a castle is slowly taking shape in that space. The […]