The Bears Go South

  Instead of hibernating, the bears decided to go south for the winter. They spent the winters months walking up and down the beaches of sunny Florida picking up seaside treasure.   To display the […]

New images, earlier work

  I am preparing a new Power Point show for a couple lectures I will be giving soon. I don’t think I have shared these on my blog before so I thought I would now.  […]

Playing With My Toys

  At one time or another I think all of the elements in the photo above have appeared at some time in my blog. Yesterday I was rearranging my work table and decided to relocate […]

Little Sewing Friends

  A pin cushion and a tape measure.   And they are the best of friends.   His tail.

Stitchin Fingers

Last week I joined a delightful online Embroidery Community called Stitchin Fingers. I was drawn to the site by the TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) projects I’ve seen posted in various places on the web. […]

Backyard Progress

  Before I show the backyard castle progress, I want to show 2 new friends we watch playing in the yard. Mama fox is nearby, watching from the woods.   There have been many changes […]

Why I Not Stitching As Much

  The last two months of weather in Indiana have been beautiful. So I have been spending more time in the garden than stitching. I put the space above in order last fall knowing I […]

Embroidery Sampler Book

  Front cover of the ‘Sampler Book’ for the Folk Art Stitchery Club I proposed 10 years ago!   The inside front cover shows the title, index and date. The illustrations for the book are […]

More Machine Embroidery Possibilities

Here are two more possibilities when it comes to machine embroidery. The design above is an applique design from my WOW! Book. (See Sidebar) This is a 3-D embroidery version. This is my little Chinese […]