Golden Rule Retreat-Week 6 Recap

A very quiet week here. I started on some long overdue doll housekeeping. This is Grandmother’s room and the real life bed in my studio is based on this bed. What looks like a mouse […]

A Macaroni

Every community of country house dolls needs its own Macaroni. I love his ponytail! And the little swagger in his hips. He is a 6 inch doll which translates as a 6 foot man in […]

The Owl

The Owl before he goes to sea in his beautiful pea green boat. All decked out.

Dolly Sisters

Two sisters. The shoes are charms from an embroidery shop. Just right for my child sized dolls. Big sister. Little Sister.

Now I Have Two Samovars

All the dollies have been asking for tea. So I made a samovar for them. Glued a few bits and pieces together, sprayed it gold. A real Russian samovar on the left with my new […]


  I’d like you to meet William. He and Claire live together in The Red House.   All of my dolls are doll’s house size. And now they are posable too! I wish I had […]

My New House

  I spent the weekend in northern Indiana. Bought a new house!   OK, it’s just a music box. But it is the perfect home for Once and for Claire.   Once is checking out […]

New Claire doll

This is my newest cloth doll version of Claire. I enjoyed making her tiny little jacket, but my favorite part is her tiny little pocket!

The Red House on Amazon

“The Red House” is my newest book. I self published using It is the story of life in a doll’s house filled with characters from favorite fairy tales. I’m happy to announce it is […]