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The Theater of Possibilities

 Starting a new project can be very overwhelming. What do I want it to look like? How firm is my vision? Does that matter? How big? What materials, techniques should I use? What are my goals? Will I have the physical, metal and emotional strength to see it through?

The entire time I worked on the embroidered caskets I was working toward the end goal of writing a travel guide to “The World of Possibilities”. I have come to the conclusion/decision I don’t want to self publish and I won’t waste any more energy looking for a publisher. I will put my efforts into an end product that is easier to share with a greater number of people. And be free.

That product will be a collection of short video stories, travelogues if you will, produced in the “Theater of Possibilities”. The characters you’ve already met on my caskets. The scenery will be familiar too. Of course these will be ‘Janetesque’ productions which is my way of saying I haven’t a clue about what I am doing. 

That hasn’t stopped me before.

I don’t think I’ll let it stop me now.


Sunday, February 21, 2021

The StairPalace


The StairPalace drawing is complete. From small hillside huts to linked homes the Stair
Palace grew over time.

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