Ready For Irene To Move In!


Here is the photo from the kit box and on the right is a photo of Irene’s House complete.
Irene hasn’t seen it yet. Here the Princely Dragon is bringing the children of Junedale to decorate Irene’s house for Christmas.
The biggest differences between the kit and my version is the cellar and the castle wall.

Here is a good view of the cellar. The figure outside the front door was placed there so all the children would be able to find the house easily.


As we come round the house we see parts of the castle wall that the house sits next to. 

The back of Irene’s house.


Down in the cellar is the stair that wraps around the columns and opens next to the fireplace upstairs.

Before the house was renovated for Irene this hidden stairway was used to secret people and goods to and from various parts of the World of Possibilities.

More of the cellar.


The panel next to the fireplace is where you access the ‘secret stair’!

Children playing on the other staircase, the one leading to Irene’s bedroom.


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