Wrapping up 2020

  The garden casket is complete. The front of the casket holds one of my first attempts at stumpwork, all worked in cotton embroidery floss, in 2013. “Our tale begins, as….”    The heart garden. […]

Ready For Irene To Move In!

    Here is the photo from the kit box and on the right is a photo of Irene’s House complete. Irene hasn’t seen it yet. Here the Princely Dragon is bringing the children of […]

Irene’s House

  Once the cellar was well underway I could start on the cottage above.     The piece of blue insulation foam will be the castle wall that the cottage is built against.     […]

The Kingdom of Junedale

      The beauty of a project called ‘The World of Possibilities’ is that you never have to be finished.   The day after the US election I was looking for something to occupy […]

Travel Guide To The World Of Possibilities

    Finishing this map is an ending of many sorts.   The completion of the map is the end of the Journey through the World of Possibilities.    Thank you for joining me on […]

Here Comes The Sun

  I don’t enjoy stitching with soie ovale but it makes wonderful fluffy flowers. And I do love making stems and swags.   I have been playing with and loving silk Cartisane Gimp.   The Sun […]

Meet Aesop

  There are many stories about Aesop. He is a figure of legend and mystery.  Now he has agreed to help Claire and William stage his fables. 

Dig Your Own Rabbit Hole

  The Golden Rule asks that we treat others as we would like to be treated. It doesn’t promise that others will be nice to you.  This might be worth keeping in mind as you […]

The Last Fable Panel

  The last fable on the “Fables To Go” casket is The Owl and The Grasshopper.   This fable will be on one of the side slopes. I need to finish stitching the border edge. […]