Why Fables?

The original Red House book was published in 2008. It is the story of Claire and William and their home business Fables in Gables.  Claire and William are on the front of my first casket. […]

Casket Top Fable

The fable on the top of the casket is “ The Cock and The Fox.” I hope to finish the videos for 3 more fables soon. 

My First Fable Video

A short video of the fable The Hare and The Tortoise. https://youtu.be/aba7imG3CIk And another fable, The Lion and The Mouse. https://youtu.be/y_BrwZRFDDc

A New Wanderscape

  I’ve had a few stitching setbacks this year. The hands are working well right now.   This panel is the back of the Aesop’s Fables casket.

Freedon of Stitch

The images of this post have been moved to my “Images” page.  I didn’t want to see that face every time I opened my blog. 

Thank You and Last Chance

  A big thank you to the Embroiderer’s Guild of America and Cheryl Christian for featuring my work in their September 2019 issue of NeedleArts. What an honor. Thank you so much. If any readers […]


  Stitching all of the borders after the panels are complete can be rather overwhelming. This time I am trying to do the borders as I go. Above is a detail of how I make […]