Map Progress

I have been working on the map. I began with the river. The river begins in the Golden Rule Mountains, flows down through the Village and then divides. One branch flows through Bubbledom.

Here is a close-up of the river flowing through Bubbledom.

The other branch of the river flows pass the StairPalace into the River of Stars.

This morning I started stitching Ruthie.

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6 Replies to “Map Progress”

  1. LOVE your map-project !!!
    (but how did you print it on fabric …. and how do you prevent
    it from disappearing while you are working on it …. ???? )

  2. I traced the design onto the background fabric with a fine tip permanent marker. It took a long time to draw, section by section on a smallish light table. Sometimes the lines are hard to see so I darken them as I need.

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