Monday, September 28, 2015

Little Travelers

Her bag is packed.

And her dolly is snug in her arms.
What adventure awaits?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pens and Needles

This project began with a drawing.
I transferred the drawing to my embroidery fabric and colored in the design with fabric makers. I stitched the outline/drawing with stem stitch.
After stitching the outline I went back and added more color.
But I'm not done!

I re-sized a photo of the embroidery to fit into one of the casket drawers. I printed out 8 little images on one sheet of photo print glossy paper.

Then I started having fun cutting away segments of the image, layer by layer.

I'm not sure what this technique is called. I think it was very popular in the late 70's.

I used flat wooden toothpicks as spacers glued between layers.
It isn't a tunnel book exactly but just another experiment along those lines.

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