A Favor Dear Readers

I am at a point in my life and in my work where I would enjoy sharing my embroidery with a larger audience. TAFA is 
the Textile and Fiber Arts List  and is currently running an online embroidery contest.Here are my two entries. 
I would love to have your support!
Scroll down on this page and click on the embroidery you want to vote for.

These are the two images I have submitted.
Many thanks.

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8 Replies to “A Favor Dear Readers”

  1. Thanks for participating in the contest, Janet! It's been a great way to get some community involvement and people can still submit images through tomorrow. Then there will be one last left for voting.

    I love your work and it's been fascinating to see your process. I especially like what you are doing with the caskets and drawers and how interactive these pieces are. Amazing!

  2. I am very happy to vote for your submissions as your embroidery is extraordinary!!! I do hope this brings you the recognition you so well deserve. Exquisite Creative Bliss…

  3. popped over and had my vote, so good you have entered as more people need to see your great creations, if you were n pinterest could share them there too

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