Day 3 of the Bath Textile Summer School

I over booked activities for my week in Bath. Wednesday was a non-class day filled with tours lectures and a dinner gathering. So instead of taking the walking tour of the city ( which I heard was excellent) I went to the Fashion Museum of Bath. It didn’t open until 10:30 and the first lecture of the day was at 11:30. I’ve seen enough museums ( I even volunteer in one) to know what interests me and what doesn’t. I zeroed in on the areas I wanted to see. I loved the display of Georgian Costumes and the metal work embroidery of 17th century gloves. Then I quickly walked to the Holburne Museum. It’s hard to walk quickly through such a thoroughly charming city. So I was late.  

But the speaker was worth all my huffing and puffing. I was familiar with Jane Hall‘s work before the lecture. I was enchanted with her, her work and her commitment to the natural world, butterflies in particular, after her talk.

The afternoon lecture was by Jenny Adin-Christie (more about her tomorrow). Then a delightful dinner in the evening. Before dinner I met Vivien Caughley.
I was very sorry  I couldn’t attend her lecture on Thursday evening. She was to speak about the sampler stitched by Captain Cook’s wife, an important piece of history dismissed by ‘the experts’ as worthless woman’s work!
Vivien you rock!


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4 Replies to “Day 3 of the Bath Textile Summer School”

  1. you are certainly having a wonderful time in Bath, I wonder have you seen the Kaffe exhibition at the quilters museum, I would love to see that but does not look likely,

  2. I did get to see it. I had a chance to meet Kaffe a couple times at quilt markets here in the states. What's not to love about color, color, color!

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