Sunday, October 20, 2013

The AWOL Stitcher/Blogger

I have been stitching. But my efforts are strung out all over the place.
I have finally started playing with designs at the actual size of the casket I hope to cover. And using silk thread. 

I am having a hard time knowing what I can draw and what I can stitch. It is a learning process. This is a study for one of the front door panels.
This is a study for the side panel. 

A tree of life design detail.

Another Tree of Life, this is not for the casket project.

Figures from my Once Upon A Time series are arranged on the tree.
The last group of samples are based on one of the themes for our quilting group's next show; Scraps.
So I have reached into my thread scrap bag and started playing. 

We'll see.

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