Thinking Inside the Box

I’m delighted with how my Gardening Angel looks outside the box.

But now the box itself needs lots of work. Here it is with just a primer coat of paint.

And this is the first of several coats of green paint.
Don’t you love the mess!Yesterday as I was covering the inside of the lid of the box I pulled out every trim, do-dad, thing-a-ma-bob,I could find trying to choose what to use.
The box is deep and I didn’t want things rolling around on the bottom. So I started with a piece of pink insulating foam and whittled away until various little things could nestle inside.
Trying it out for size.
Then I draped a piece of fabric over the foam and started to fill up the box. 

This is just an audition. You can see I haven’t even cut the inside fabric to size. I was having fun seeing what might fit. I can see I have way too much junk in here!

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