Jack and Jill Revisited

Last weekend I was revisiting old notebooks, like 10 years old or more.
I came across a series of images designed around the idea; what happens when nursery rhyme characters grow up?   Some of the ideas did get made, Mary and her little lambs, the 3 kittens who lost their mittens…..
But a whole notebook full of ideas and stories was abandoned.
I don’t remember why that happened but I was delighted to find the drawings again. So, the red line drawing at the top of this post is right out of the notebook. Water Pail Park? What is that about?
The next image (above) is me starting to use the ideas and make a composition. Once I worked through several versions, I settled on the design below.
Then of course the big question is how to bring the piece to life as an embroidery. I knew I wanted to keep the designs small, this one is just a little over 5″ x 7″. And I knew I didn’t want to risk stitching something so detailed and so small through a water soluble layer. 
So I printed the design directly on my fabric. First I backed it with freezer paper then ran it though my printer. I stay with the standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper size but the next time I think I will keep the image the same size but print on an 11″ x 17″ size fabric.
After printing but before I removed the freezer paper I colored some background areas with color pencils. The color didn’t really last until the end of the embroidery process but it helped me keep track of what was what. 
Then I started  stitching. I work in my hand, no hoop, or at least rarely a hoop.

And here is the finished embroidery. Have you figured out the nursery rhyme?

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4 Replies to “Jack and Jill Revisited”

  1. Your imagination and creativity just amaze me, Janet. As always, this is enchanting and delightful. Your work always makes me smile and feel a little bit lighter just looking at it.

  2. a delight this piece, thought I knew my nursery rhymes but sorry my mind is a blank this morning, you must let us know the answer.
    Hoe excited you must have been when you were looking through your old sketch book and found all your wonderful designs.I am sure we will see more in stitch form soon

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