From Sketching to Stitching

As you know I have been sketching and stitching angels. 

In the past I have used Transfer-eze, a sticky back, water  soluble stabilizer as a way of transferring a pattern to black wool. But the sticky adhesive is just too difficult to stitch through so I tried a different water soluble stabilizer that I have a 50 yard roll of!
Much better. Just basted in place and was able to stitch through both layers easily.
Of course it is always just a little bit late that I realize I should have rinsed the black wool a couple more times to make sure there is no more dye waiting to come out and spoil things when I am done stitching.

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8 Replies to “From Sketching to Stitching”

  1. a wonderful angel and the soluble stabilizer has worked very well, love the little bird on the angel`s shoulder. You certainly will not run out of the stabilizer for a long while!!!

  2. Loving this angel, Iam still using the old tissue paper for my transfers and had been wondering about soluble stabilizers, can I ask what brand you are using.

  3. Hi Faye,
    Oh I wish I knew! It is a roll, 11 1/2 inches wide. It looks and feels like a very light weight mesh stabilizer. But it is water soluble.
    It is on an unmarked cardboard roll. If I come across something that I think might be the right name I'll be sure to let you know.

  4. That's a great way to mark your felt. It seems much better than messing about with plastics and pin pricks, and the paints too…

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