Step by step, inch by inch……

  Thank you for all of the input on my last post.  The yellow wings will stay at the top, but I also want something winglike to frame the skirt. I spent 6 hours stitching […]

A Little Drawing

  This drawing was first done on lined paper. When I scanned it into Photoshop I didn’t get rid of all of the lines. They ended up creating an unexpected pattern and wonderful new element […]

Casket Chronicles, Pieces

  I am amazed by designers who draw out and then stitch out the design as they first drew it. My work evolves constantly as I work. Here the half worked yellow wings are placed […]

Casket Chronicles

  My gardening angel now has arms, but no sleeves. I have decided to use the green velvet as a backdrop for the skirt scene. The 3D elements will be added to the top of […]