Rules and Creativity

I’ve been thinking about rules and creativity lately.
Creativity, because I attended an embroidery show last week with a wonderful exhibit of work made by the workshop participants.
The work was beautiful but it left me cold. 
I have been trying to verbalize or even just mentally define what it was that didn’t appeal to me.
Today I figured it out.
Today I had to deal with rules and I failed miserably.
I hope this sun can help me explain my problem.
This design came directly out of a notebook ready to be worked in wool. I didn’t try to make the circle round, or the eyes symmetrical. I don’t know if there are the same number of sun rays on each side of the design.   I’ve always loved this design and now I know why. 
I didn’t follow the rules that seem to pervade the embroidery world that say everything must be precise.
This face is symmetrical but the circle is not.
The same with this piece. In fact these are still almost interesting because of the funny rays, and the cross eyed look. 
But the original is still my favorite, I won’t change a thing.
And I won’t follow rules.*
*Hope you love irony; as I drove home today I was almost rear-ended  by a semi because I slowed down in a school zone!


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