Playing With My Toys

  At one time or another I think all of the elements in the photo above have appeared at some time in my blog. Yesterday I was rearranging my work table and decided to relocate […]


  I have been stitching again. Well actually I overdid it. I was stitching, now I’m resting my hand.   But I love the progress I have made. The house that the young bird is […]

The Third Angel

  You’ll never guess what I call this angel.   Oh, you guessed. Yes this is the Rose Angel.

The Second Angel

  Here is the second angel in my series.   I have given her the wildly imaginative name of “The Green Angel” because of her green halo. OK, naming things just isn’t what I do. 

The first Angel

  The embroidered  angels are complete!   Here is the blue angel.

A Little Something Different

  Every now and then I feel the need to try something different.   The basic structure of the tree I put together a couple years ago.   Then I played with various things to […]

The Floss Box

  A great big THANK YOU to Emily at The Floss Box for sharing my work on her blog!   We share a love for color, stitches and sweet little dolls. That is […]

Camera Help

  This morning I spent some time at Roberts Camera in downtown Indianapolis. For the same reason that you should buy a sewing machine from a local dealer, I’m happy my camera comes from a […]

Dimensional Wool Applique

  This project was begun at least 10 years ago. It was on a white background, and had a few spots of wool fleece needled in.   I found a piece of wool from the […]

Little Furniture

   While the witch makes Hansel collect firewood, I have been busy painting furniture for the cottage of the 3 Bears.   In addition to this furniture I have painted a Christmas Tree.   But […]