Little Sewing Friends

  A pin cushion and a tape measure.   And they are the best of friends.   His tail.

Brian Haggard

  The last web site I want to share while I’m out of town (yes, that is why there is no progress on the crewel project!) is The Creative World, by my dear friend Brian […]

Red Nose and Spot

  I have such mixed feelings about this gentelman. I’d love to know what the artist was thinking!    He is only about 5″ tall.   But then I see his smile and look into […]


  Another embroidery blog I would like to share is Needleprint. The main focus of the site is historic samplers but it also is so much more. I don’t do cross stitch samplers but I […]

Mr. Bean Bag

  I am sifting through 28 years of stuff in my basement. My studio used to be down there, now it is ‘my store’, or where I go when I need just the perfect whatever […]

Needle ‘N Thread

A great resource I’d like to share today is Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘N Thread . What a treasure trove of information! Her videos are so well done; easy to listen to and clear to watch.  […]

Crewel Embroidery Progress 9

  I keep thinking I’ll add just a couple more stitches before I take a current photo. Then just a couple more….. I love this dandy bird striding over the flowers.    And a new […]

Stitchin Fingers

Last week I joined a delightful online Embroidery Community called Stitchin Fingers. I was drawn to the site by the TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) projects I’ve seen posted in various places on the web. […]

Possibilities for the Spring Workshop

  The only problem with ‘The World Of Possibilities’ is, well, there are just soooo many possibilities! I will be teaching at The Hen and Chicks Studio April 20&21, 2013. I have been playing with […]