Wool Flowers Purse

  I began working with wool in the early 80’s as I prepared for the wearable art show at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. That led to rug hooking, which led to wool quilts, which […]

Crepe Paper Doll Costumes

Sometimes stitching on crepe paper is just as much fun as fabric. A hole punch, paper lace and glitter were used on this outfit.   Scalloped edge scissors and felt tipped markers used here.   […]


  The box full of pretty threads put me in an experimenting mood.   This sample is a little bit of everything; needle weaving, drawn thread work, embroidery…..   It is stitched on card stock. […]

Dyeing Day

  Don’t you love a box of pretty freshly dyed threads sitting on your work table?   Last week I gathered together wool, silk and cotton threads and fabrics for a dyeing marathon.    Here […]

The Princely Dragon, Stumpwork doll

  Many weeks ago I introduced my new project, my new world to you. One of the places the World of Possibilities will take you is to “The Golden Rule Mountains”. One very important character […]

An Owl

  Owls are so popular I thought I would share one that I stitched a long time ago.   I love his bow tie.   He is carrying some of my business cards for me. […]

Embroidered Great Coat

  Last December I told you about some ornaments I designed for a manufacturer named Raz Imports. It was a great project even if not all of the designs made it to the market place. […]

Embroidered Cloth Doll

  Ever since my Aunt LaRece made a pink and black evening dress for my Madame Alexander doll way, way back when, I have loved the color combination.   But I never use it! Until […]

Miss Syria

  With so much violence falling on the people of Syria, I thought I would celebrate their extraordinary embroidery heritage.   This doll was entirely stitched on an embroidery machine. I digitized the face, hands, […]

Embroidered Cloth Dolls

  Here are 2 of the early cloth dolls I made a few months ago.   These dolls do not have  the wired limbs and are much harder to pose. The jacket on the top […]