Make America Smart Again*

  Making Creative Children   I think creativity is one of the most powerful human traits we possess.   When we deprive children of arts programs, we aren’t taking away busywork.    We are taking […]

Wool Applique in My Colors

This is a color palette I never tire of. The candy cane stripe is a heavy white chain stitch wrapped in red. All of the applique and embroidery is done with cotton floss. The background […]

Old Work Revisited

I will be posting some SAL progress again soon. Until then, I am going through stacks of old work And I thought I would share some of it with you. Created years ago but still […]

Christmas Surprises

An early wool-on-wool applique of a cozy cupboard bed!  From the Red House Book, coming soon to The Embroiderer’s Story.

Christmas Surprises

The image of a red house shows up in my work over and over. This is a wool applique embroidery from my book “Making Things”. Are you visiting The Embroiderer’s Story?

Dimensional Wool Applique

  This project was begun at least 10 years ago. It was on a white background, and had a few spots of wool fleece needled in.   I found a piece of wool from the […]

Wool Hand Embroidered Quilt

  I created this quilt 12 years. The organization I made it for has chosen not to use for promotional purposes so I feel free to finally share it with my readers.   Each block […]

Hand embroidery on wool

  This is my spin on the traditional poem.   The sweater Mary is knitting, is a remnant of a sweater I worn in High School centuries ago. 

Hand Embroidery on Wool

  It is amazing to see the results of only one color embroidery floss and only one color of wool.    All the shades in between are attained by choice of the embroidery stitch and […]