Hidden Meanings

  More Casket Toy News When I first posted an image of William’s workshop on one of the doors of my casket I didn’t go into much detail about the design.   Starting in the […]

Casket Toys Part III

  Casket Toy Contest The doll version of Time began as a stuffed body of the figure that has a wire armature inside. Mr Peacock is not sure what to make of him.   The […]

Casket Toys Part II

  More about my casket toys! There is a very good reason this garden twinkles! The photo above shows how each flower was made. A short length of metal purl was stretched out over a […]

The Garden, Casket Toys Part I

 Lucky Me! Check The Embroiderer’s Story this morning.  My Casket Toys have won the grand prize, A New Casket for me to embroider! One of the toys I entered is this garden scene. Here is […]