What’s Stitching Now

  I am still finalizing plans for casket 3. Meanwhile I have two other projects to work on.  The first is this piece about accentuating the positive. It was a rug hooking pattern from way […]

Slow But Steady Progress

  I have decided doing the chain stitch is what hurts most. So I have been doing little of it.   But by popping the embroidery back in the hoop I have been able to […]


  Where has August gone? So little progress to share.   But I am very happy with the spider web.


  I chose to scan my embroidery this morning. Not sure if it is better or worse, just different. The far left end of the embroidery is moving right along. And I have this wonderful […]


  I’ve added another ‘birdhouse’ to the left end of my crewel embroidery. I love the house, but I wanted to make sure it read as being behind the leaves not in the same plane. […]

Crewel Embroidery Progress 9

  I keep thinking I’ll add just a couple more stitches before I take a current photo. Then just a couple more….. I love this dandy bird striding over the flowers.    And a new […]

Crewel Embroidery Progress 8

A new bird has been stitched.  And next to him a butterfly. The fruit bearing tree has new beads blooming. Here is the over-all design.

Crewel Embroidery Progress 7

  The bunny is taking some flowers home to put on the dinner table.     This is such a delight to stitch. Once I stitch a section of the background I enjoy adding leaves, […]