Christmas Surprises

The image of a red house shows up in my work over and over. This is a wool applique embroidery from my book “Making Things”. Are you visiting The Embroiderer’s Story?

Miss Croatia Doll

  This is Miss Croatia. Her face and hair were stitched in the embroidery machine, then assembled as a doll head.   Here she is wearing a hand stitched jacket. When she isn’t wearing her […]

Miss Syria

  With so much violence falling on the people of Syria, I thought I would celebrate their extraordinary embroidery heritage.   This doll was entirely stitched on an embroidery machine. I digitized the face, hands, […]

More Machine Embroidery Possibilities

Here are two more possibilities when it comes to machine embroidery. The design above is an applique design from my WOW! Book. (See Sidebar) This is a 3-D embroidery version. This is my little Chinese […]

Embroidery Machine Rockets

I spent about 8 years playing with digitized machine embroideries. That was the period when the carpel tunnel problems wouldn’t allow me to hold a needle. In the long run, hours at the computer digitizing […]