Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The First Map

The first map to guide you around the World of Possibilities.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Hidden Meanings

When I first posted an image of William's workshop on one of the doors of my casket I didn't go into much detail about the design.
Starting in the upper left corner is the date this panel was completed. It turned out that the actual day, Sept. 21, which I stitched in red , got covered by the hinge! 
Moving clockwise you can see the Golden Rule Mountains out the window. 
Next is a miniature version of The Village that is in the lower lid of the casket.
Below that and sitting on a workbench is the casket itself from the side of the Princely Dragon.
In William's hand is a roll of drawings for the  two  toy stages on his left hand side. 
And finally beneath the calendar is the Glittering Garden!


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Casket Toys Part III

The doll version of Time began as a stuffed body of the figure that has a wire armature inside. Mr Peacock is not sure what to make of him.

The wings for Time have a wire armature and the feathers are stitched in two layers. One layer is gold gilt silk twist and the other is red gilt silk twist.

Here Time's head and legs have been covered with lacet. The other pieces are assembled waiting to be attached.

The feather strips are lacet or soutashe with buttonhole infill.

Here is a close-up of Once's hat and the feather plume waiting to be sewn in place.

This is how I made Once's jacket. A lacet base filled in with 2 shades of green buttonhole stitches.

Another jacket. It started as more of a vest. I then decided to add the sleeves. I love the paisley like design on the front of the jacket.

The apron in progress.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Casket Toys Part II

More about my casket toys!
There is a very good reason this garden twinkles!
The photo above shows how each flower was made. A short length of metal purl was stretched out over a base wire. This was then wrapped with Gilt Silk Twist. Then that entire combination was wrapped around a large needle, slipped off the needle, looped in half  with the ends twisted together.

I used a variation of that technique to make leaves as well. These were then bound together garland style.

Here are the materials used for the tent.
Not shown is the red leather I used for the inside wall. 

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