Embroidery on Wool

This embroidery is stitched on black wool. Anyone who has stitched on black wool knows that each of those words presents a problem. Wool is impossible to draw on no matter what color it is. […]

More Machine Embroidery Possibilities

Here are two more possibilities when it comes to machine embroidery. The design above is an applique design from my WOW! Book. (See Sidebar) This is a 3-D embroidery version. This is my little Chinese […]

Embroidery Machine Rockets

I spent about 8 years playing with digitized machine embroideries. That was the period when the carpel tunnel problems wouldn’t allow me to hold a needle. In the long run, hours at the computer digitizing […]

Stumpwork Embroidery

As promised here are pictures of my stumpwork embroidery efforts. Each is still a work in progress. In the picture above, the curtains, window frame, the bed, the coverlet and the headless creature are all […]

Thank You Heidi!

Heidi Kaisand has been a dear friend and kindred spirit for many years. A few weeks ago I was finally able to share my studio with her and Maureen for an evening of girl talk […]

New Embroideries

Embroidery has always been my first ‘Making Things’ love. The drawing, the stitching, the colors, the textures are all a part of the process and the pleasure. Recently I have begun to explore needle lace […]