Thursday, October 28, 2010

On a recent misty morning this is what greeted me when I went out for a walk. Beautiful webs were everywhere. It made me realize how many webs are around that you simply can't/don't see on a normal morning. What a stunning display they make when the conditions are right!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rejected, Crazy And Hanging By A Thread

I belong to a wonderful quilt group called the Charm Club. I am the newest member of the group. Every two years the Charm Club has a show at the Sullivan Museum in Zionsville, Indiana. The group chooses two themes and each member makes and shows one quilt per theme. The themes for 2010 are "Green" and "From the Heart". This is my "Green" quilt.
We are free to interpret the themes as we like. I have explored the recycle idea with mine. "Rejected, Crazy and Hanging by a Thread is composed of many of my rejected machine embroidery samples. Here is a view of the quilt when I first started to lay it out.

The "crazy" part of the title refers to the crazy quilt layout of the pieces. Hanging by threads from the quilt top are lots of empty embroidery bobbins. It is fun to see all of the different projects I have worked on over the years represented in this quilt.

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