Doll Gallery


All of the dolls on this page are dollhouse scale, 1" = 1'.
So each of these dollies is between 5 - 6" tall.


  1. I don't have words to express the delight your blog has brought to me! I feel so very fortunate to have found you and your amazing needlework. I'm an old lady still playing with dolls and always on the lookout for tiny needful things for them. I dearly love hand stitching their clothing, bedding, etc. - but in no way does my work hold a candle to yours!! What an inspiration you are - may you have many, many happy stitching years!! Thank you so very much for sharing your stunning work.

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      You are a dear! All I want from my work is for it to make me and anyone who sees it, happy. It is my way of smiling at the world. Thank you for taking to time to write. I'm glad you have found my blog. I do hope you will sign-up for updates. New little world coming soon!

  2. Janet, I just discovered your blog and am enamored with your creations! I am now a follower and will come back often. I also teach embroidery, including stumpwork so I'll send my students to check your work out as well. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  3. Just found out about you because I saw your dolls on Pollock Toy Museum Facebook page .They are exquisite reminding me in part of Grecon dolls.You hae brought me such joy and happiness.Thank you.

  4. Dear unknown Friend,
    Your thoughtful words have brought me great happiness.
    Isn’t Pollocks Toy Museum the best!


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