Friday, February 11, 2022

Kitchen, Spinning Room, Attic Bedroom

This was a productive week. The kitchen, spinning room and one attic bedroom are blocked out and on their way. Furniture will come and go and details will be added as well. I’ve included a picture of the bits and pieces I used to create the kitchen fireplace. 
I’m never sure what order the photos are going to end up in. I used to be able to arrange them but now what you see is what you get.
Hope it makes sense.

Monday, February 7, 2022

Silk Chenille and Cardboard Boxes

 I have rearranged the buildings of The Village. The theater stage has been relocated to another part of my studio, the forest is gone and a castle is slowly taking shape in that space. The boxes in the photo are the heavy weight boxes that my wood boxes/caskets arrived in over the years. They are arranged over a cellar area. 

I have also decided to put some embroidered hangings on some of the exterior building walls. The little flower embroidery is stitched in silk chenille and I hope is visible in one of pictures.

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