Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Golden Rule Retreat Day 27

Thank goodness for spring.

Our daughter Jane picked up and installed a new bee package (that means 3 lbs. of bees and a queen) on Sunday. She came back today to check on the queen.

That's the little box the queen arrived in but now she has moved into the hive.
Bee keeping is considered an essential activity. 

The magnolia is blooming.

And it got rather warm this afternoon!


  1. I just looked to see where you live. 4 hour drive from me at the Mi/IN border. I used to be scared to death of bees because I am allergic to their stings. Cool that you are promoting a healthy bee population.
    xx, Carol

    1. My mother was allergic and almost died in my front yard! After that close call she went through the allergy shots and now doesn’t have to worry.
      4 hours, we’re practically neighbors!

  2. Yes, Spring is definitely Springing!


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