Thursday, April 2, 2020

Golden Rule Retreat Day 22

Are you stitching along?
I decided to eliminate the bushes down by the tree trunks. Too busy. 

I love the dark blue sky with the bright yellow sun!


  1. I love seeing your creativity progressing from beginning - it's such a special way to start each day. THANK YOU

  2. Thank you so much for checking in each morning and for commenting! We all need to boost each other’s spirits right now.

  3. (You probably talked about this a long time ago.) I have been holding my fabric when I embroider rather than a hoop. I have better control of the fabric and design. Do you use a hope when you embroider?

    1. Great questions, so many options. For most surface embroidery I prefer to work in hand. It is flexible, portable and I prefer the control too. For this SAL I am working in hand. I can do very small bits of satin stitch this way but if planned to use satin stitch in large areas I would use a hoop. If your technique gives you the result you want then I believe it is the right technique for you!


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