Golden Rule Retreat-Week 6 Recap

A very quiet week here. I started on some long overdue doll housekeeping. This is Grandmother’s room and the real life bed in my studio is based on this bed. What looks like a mouse […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 35

Claire and William Here are four versions of Claire and William. Starting on the left are the original two figures made for the Red House. Next come the most current figures working hard to get […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 34

‘Belling the Cat’ is complete! I finished the last two mice today. And I stitched spangles on each of the bells. Tomorrow I plan to mount it on paper and maybe even apply it to […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 32

I am back to work on casket #3, Fables To Go. This is the front sloped panel and the fable is Belling the Cat. The cat had purple eyes but they were too wrong. I […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 31

For many years I baked a bunny cake for Easter. The ears were usually over cooked, the body raw and the whole thing rarely sat upright.  Since everything about this year is different, I wanted […]

Golden Rule Retreat Day 29

My SAL is finished!   I finished the border with the same dark blue as the sky. I knew I wouldn’t have enough to finish the border and I knew I wasn’t about to run […]