Thursday, March 26, 2020

Golden Rule Retreat Day 15

Years ago I created a collection of polar bear wool and cotton applique designs.

The project was canceled.

Ursa Major and Ursa Minor mean Big Bear and Little Bear.

I put a navy blue dot in most of the stars only leaving the appropriate ones white. Those I connected with a white running stitch while the rest of the piece was quilted in navy.
I like the moon border.

 And then there is my favorite....

...the Storyteller.



  1. These are lovely. Maybe time to do something with them? Storytellers are in high demand at the moment!

    1. Thanks Rachel. I no longer give away any of my energy looking for ways to publish, promote, perform....I just make things and have to be content with sharing online. This group of designs is a perfect example of ‘business’ saying they want something, then ripping the rug out from under an artist. If something falls into my lap great, if not I’m OK too.

    2. I can appreciate that. I've had similar experiences.


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