Friday, December 6, 2019

Why Fables?

The original Red House book was published in 2008. It is the story of Claire and William and their home business Fables in Gables. 
Claire and William are on the front of my first casket.
Their business has grown and they are ready to take the fables on the road. That is where casket number 3 comes in. Welcome to “ Fables To Go”.
So far 4 fables are complete with 3 more planned for the sloped panels. In order to make the fables GO, I need Claire and William figures that can manipulate scenery and figures.
 Here is the new Claire.


  1. Love the new Claire. She looks to be ready for any adventure!

  2. Oh Janet, she is wonderful! As always, completely in awe of your wonderful stitches.

    1. Thank you Anna. My story telling continues!


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