Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Hare and Wanderscapes

Most of the background for the second door is complete.
I am loving the intensity of color I get from the detached buttonhole shapes.  

Here is the beginning of the sleeping Hare.

I haven't stitched the head yet. Here I am just checking to make sure everything fits as planned.

I am very happy with how the shape is turning out but the body has become so dense with stitches I am having a hard time working on the arm. My hand complains after just of few minutes.
Slow and Steady indeed. 


  1. It's amazing and lovely to see how it grows !!!
    (thanks ;-) !)

  2. ‘Behind the scenes’ photos are usually the most interesting. I forgot to take photos as I made the tortoise .

  3. Very interesting to see how it's built up and how it goes together, thanks.


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