Monday, January 14, 2019

Trying To Get It Right

I had fun stitching Bubbledom....

...until I stepped back and looked at it in context with the rest of the map. Too dark and gloomy so....

I took it out. Not only didn't I like the color but....

I decided I didn't like the design either. So I redrew and restitched.

I am happy.

I am still happy.

I had to tweak one tower. I am replacing the original figures with little 3D dolls. Here is the first prototype.
I am still happy! 


  1. Yes, I think version two is a definite improvement, but my goodness, how frustrating!

  2. The new Bubbledom looks like those lollies that explodes in your mouth and make you giggle. I particularly like the little figures keeping watch on the balcony - Perfect


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