New Year Wishes and Progress

  My New Year Resolution to support. (Stitched in 2016. Feel free to share in social media of your choice.)    My hand dyed palette to stitch with. Dyeing wool for a new project is […]

Two Days In A Row!

  Can you believe I am blogging two days in a row?!   Ruthie, Joseph and Rocketland are very close to complete. It was a good stitching day!

Map Progress

  I have been working on the map. I began with the river. The river begins in the Golden Rule Mountains, flows down through the Village and then divides. One branch flows through Bubbledom.   […]

What’s Stitching Now

  I am still finalizing plans for casket 3. Meanwhile I have two other projects to work on.  The first is this piece about accentuating the positive. It was a rug hooking pattern from way […]