Sunday, June 18, 2017

6-17-17 Official Finish Date!

It is official, the casket is complete! 
6-17-17, yesterday, I finished the key tassels.

I wrapped the wooden forms with gilt and silver plated Elizabethan Twist.

Now I plan to put 4 years of drawings and photos into some kind of cohesive order. 
Then the big finish reveal! 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Casket Progress....It's Getting Close!

After posting images of the back panel I decided it wasn't done to my satisfaction.

So, using some of the techniques I used for the Casket Toys, I created some swags for the two sides and the top center of the panel.

These are the side swags.

These are the top arch segments in pieces....

...and here is the top arch ready to be added to the casket panel.
I also completed the frieze above the Enchanted Forest panel. In the image above, the Golden Rule Mountains projected above the frieze edge just as the do on the side friezes of the casket.
Didn't like it. 

Then I tried using Italian wire mesh for the mountains.
Didn't like that either.

I decided everything should fit within the frieze area. Images from left to right;
Golden Rule Mountains, Forest, Castle of the Princely Dragon,  Enchanted Forest, Castle of the Dragon Prince, Forest, and more Golden Rule Mountains were added to the right side.

Everything in place.
Hard at work in my sunny studio!

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