Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Enchanted Forest

Maybe Spring is near. The Enchanted Forest is starting to grow.
This is for the back of my casket, the only side left to complete.

Half bird and half snail, what is he called?

Two new characters, Ruthie and Joseph.

 Two little birds.

Various pieces auditioning for a spot.


  1. only the back to do how god is that such an amazing casket you will have I have so enjoyed following your journey in the creation of this masterpiece

  2. Going rather well - love the way this is coming together!

  3. , okay if it's half rooster and half snail then what you have is a cocky snail or cocisnail I sure hope this helps and by the way beautiful work but we know that don't we love to you Brian

  4. Cocky snail, hmm...., thanks Brain!


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