Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SAL Progress

The lower right hand corner is complete. 
I even 'buried' my initials underground. 

The blue birds have 3D wings.

And one row of hearts offer a place for the eye to rest with a branch of exotic tulips above.

The red bird is flapping his wing.


  1. The "basket" stitches are wonderful !
    (rows of buttonhole stitches ?)
    Beautiful tulips

  2. lovely this is coming along so well, have transferred the pattern onto some fabric but not started yet more hours in the day please, mind you I could not sleep last night so should have made use of that time but afraid did nothing

  3. My goodness, you are a speedy stitcher!! this is coming along beautifully. It's wonderfully inspiring to see how you use all the many stitches and colors. I haven't stitched anything in a long time, and watching your SAL is giving me itchy fingers! :)


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