Monday, November 9, 2015

My Own Personal Stitcher!!!!

My notebooks fill with drawings faster than I can possibly stitch.

One of my sisters (I have 4 and one brother!) has recently started to embroider.

This, I believe, is only her second piece, maybe third. And it is one of my drawings.

I love drawings right out of my notebook. Drawings that haven't been 'fixed'.

But best of all I love how my sister has interpreted it! Her palette is different than mine.
I love that her voice came through this very whimsical design.
Thank you for letting me share this Claudia!
It is a beautifully done piece.


  1. What a wonderful stitching partnership!

  2. How good that you can share your love of drawing and stitching with you sister, can see has lots of talent too

  3. The embroidery looks beautiful. I love how it is stitched. So much life and movement. Wonderful colours.
    Best wishes, Dianne

  4. This is all absolutely stunning. You both have so much talent. Love your drawings and your sisters sewing. Perfect combination. Hugs Patricia x


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