Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lucy Returns

Lucy is back from her big adventure. You'd look frightened too so high above the city of Edinburgh!
Fortunately a pub and a pint were never far.
Now that she has had a chance to rest and unpack Lucy would like to share some of the goodies she found in her travels.
We would like to thank the country of Scotland for kindly providing Lucy with her own set of the royal jewels! She promises to wear them often.
Behind the jewels is a new pillow for the royal (Lucy's) bed. It was one of three kits provided on The Great Casket Tour. Meant to be made up as a pin cushion I made it into a doll bed pillow instead.
Also tumbling out of Lucy's bag is a new friend she found in the pretty city of Bath.

How convenient that dolly and the pillow were stitched in the same colors. I wonder how that happened? 

Lucy was very bad about keeping up with her travel journal. Look at all of those empty pages.

Lucy's friend Sue came back to the states with us. Her skirt is made from a remnant found at Liberty's of London. The horsey came from Edinburgh's Museum of Childhood.

Sue has arrived with the royal sword of the Stair Palace. She found it languishing in Portobello Road and knew it should be reunited with it's rightful owners. There will be a great ceremony when that happens. Stay tuned. 

Lucy is trying to work on project #2 from the tour. 

But first lots of tiny peacock feathers must be stitched.


  1. Very enjoyable! Thanks for sharing Lucy's adventures and souvenirs.

  2. You are very welcome Dawn! Thanks for visiting.

  3. What a wonderful series of adventures!

    1. We were probably in your backyard somewhere along the way. Our days were so packed it was hard to set up meetings. One of these days!

  4. Glad Lucy enjoyed the trip, wish we could have met her! Feeling lazy about the lack of stitching I did on the trip.... but was great to meet you. Maree.

    1. I didn't do any of that stitching on the trip except for a tiny part of one of the peacock feathers.
      Poor Lucy was stuck in the bottom of my purse most of the time and often didn't get out for days at a time.
      I am glad we met too! Crazy kindred spirits need to stick together!!!

  5. can see Lucy had a lovely time and managed to find some friends too, trust you also enjoyed the holiday.

    1. Oh I did! What's not to like about beautiful countryside, castles and LOTS of embroidery.


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